Fun Fun! Airline Rankings

I’ve been lucky (or unlucky) enough to fly on many a plane, some fantastic and some dismal. Here is my breakdown (from best to worst):

  1. Singapore Airlines – far and away best service, cleanest and most effectively designed plane, friendliest staff, and overall wonderful experience.
    1. PROS: Fuzzy slippers in business class, very good food, very nice staff, HUGE business class seats, large TV screens.
    2. CONS: None for me.
  2. Turkish Airlines
    1. PROS: Amazing authentic Turkish food, very attentive staff, best airline lounge EVER (more to come on that).
    2. CONS: Small TV screens
  3. Emirates Airlines
    1. PROS: I was SO impressed with the in-seat TV’s – larger than an IPad, with a user-friendly touch-screen and better definition screens than most. The food was good and staff were friendly.
    2. CONS: Not too much leg room.
  4. Lufthansa – this is the airline I most frequently use and they are consistently good quality.
    1. PROS: Always fresh flowers and good wine selection in business class, good noise-cancelling headphones.
    2. CONS: Business class seats do not convert completely flat. Food is generally palatable but I can’t say much more than that. Staff are occasionally a little stiff. TV screens are small and NOT user-friendly.
  5. West Jet – Canada’s “friendly” airline, which started as a local airline for Western Canada (hence the name) and has now expanded East and South.
    1. PROS: There are always corny jokes, smiling staff, and fun all around. Often seat sales mean you can get somewhere cheaper than you would by car.
    2. CONS: Nothing really. . .
  6. TUIFly – this discount airline was a pleasant surprise.
    1. PROS: Very happy and cheerful staff, exactly on-time departures, decent leg room and seats.
    2. CONS: As this is a discount airline you pay for ANY and ALL extras (i.e. water).
  7. Frontier Airlines
    1. PROS: Overall a pleasant experience, nothing much to rave or complain about.
  8. United Airlines
    1. PROS: Um, what to say? United is pretty basic and tends to be underwhelming in all respects, but in general they have been able to assist me when I miss connections or have delays, and appear to have the desire to help their customers.
  9. Air Canada – I am ashamed this company includes my country in the name.
    1. PROS: Hmmm, nothing? I’ve had more problems on Air Canada compared to ANY other airline – cancelled flights, delayed flights, huge lines on the phone and in-person for re-booking, crappy planes, and by far the worst element is in general, the staff seem to purposely want to piss you off at every turn. And flights are expensive. Sorry guys- just because you’re really the only international Canadian option, it doesn’t mean you can act like a petulant child.
    2. CONS: All of the above.
  10. China Airlines – To be worse than Air Canada is a feat, so congratulations.
    1. PROS: None.
    2. CONS: My business class experience on this airline was abysmal. I’ve never had a worse meal (like ever, in my life) nor worse service. The TV screen was so dark you could barely see it and the headphones only half-worked. There were no attempts to fix the issues, and I was definitely not the only one asking for some help. This was the LONGEST 12 hour flight of my life.
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