Berlin Round II

Berlin is a city too large and too awesome for just one post. I’ve been about 5 times now and thought it was worth to add a few more hot spots to my favorites list.


Movenpick Hotel Postdamer Platz – within walking distance to many main attractions, this 4 star hotel had modern spacious rooms and great service. I used Hotwire to get a decent room rate 🙂


  • Boat tour on the river – this was well worth it. Within one hour you learn a lot about the different parts of the city, historical buildings, and what you may want to see and do next. It also offers a totally different perspective on the city. Pick up a ticket across the river from the main train station.
  • Museum Island – as the name suggests, this island has a museum for any and all interests. We went to the Neu Museum – fascinating not only for the items inside but the building itself. The museum is an absolutely gorgeous architectural marvel, spacious, bright, grand, and airy. It was heavily bombed in WWII and even has a room of building “pieces” – ones they aren’t sure where to put back!
  • Holocaust Memorial – an eerie stroll through this memorial, designed by Peter Eisenman, gave me the chills. As described by his project text, “the stelae are designed to produce an uneasy, confusing atmosphere, and the whole sculpture aims to represent a supposedly ordered system that has lost touch with human reason.”
  • Gedarmenmarkt – between the French and German Domes, this beautiful plaza is a good spot for people watching and enjoying the sunshine.
View from the river Spree

View from the river Spree


DSC02070 DSC02073



DSC02092 DSC02096 DSC02099

Jewish Holocaust Memorial

Jewish Holocaust Memorial


Singing horns at the Neue Museum.


Neue Museum

Neue Museum


  • District Mot – despite being nearly lit on fire TWICE due to issues with our hot pot stove, we shared a hot pot at this funky fun slightly strange “Saigon Street Food” restaurant. A rich salty lemongrass coconut broth is steaming at your table, ready for vegetables, fish, seafood, beef, chicken, tofu, and noodles to be added. It takes very little time for things to cook, and then you get to enjoy a progressive meal of delicious soup with a variety of add-ins. A great meal, despite the initial fear of death.
  • Coffee and Cookies – Just around the corner from our hotel, this unassuming little joint serves fabulous fresh and healthy breakfasts at a decent price. The coffee was good too. I didn’t see any cookies.

1 DSC02045 DSC02052

Hot Pot at District Mot

Hot Pot at District Mot

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