I was born and raised in Calgary, one hour from the magnificent Rocky Mountains. My early experiences with travel included beautiful hikes in the Rockies, endless beach walks on Vancouver Island, baseball games in Philadelphia, and whale watching in Hawaii. They were amazing, relaxing, lively vacations, and after every single one it was a chore to come home.

I had my first REAL taste of travelling when I embarked on a three-month long backpacking trip around Europe with my best friend. Up until then, I had been “holidaying”, not travelling. Travelling is something entirely different – humbling, astonishing, difficult, frustrating, and the most wonderful thing in the world. Suddenly, for the first time in my life, people did not speak my language. Schedules which I didn’t make had to be followed. Dodgy food consumption resulted in horrific food poisoning. Rathole-like hostels had to be slept in, and neither rain, snow, nor hail was an excuse not to go out site-seeing. It was incredibly frustrating, and at the same time, the most fun I had in my entire life.

Little by little, with each new place, I learned how important it is to surrender to the customs and beauty of your new environment . . . then discovering the real essence of it. Here, I hope to share a diverse cross-section of cultural, natural, gastronomical, and historical things, perhaps with a slightly atypical viewpoint.dsc01534



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